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The primary goal of NVHA's public health program is to improve the health of Nisga'a citizens. Education and prevention are key values of the program.

What the program does:

  • Promotes good health, thus helping to increase the quality of life of citizens;
  • Prevents and controls chronic diseases and injuries;
  • Prevents and controls infectious diseases;
  • Prepares for and responds to public health emergencies, and
  • Strengthens public health capacity within the community by educating people about healthy lifestyles and disease prevention integrating traditional knowledge.

Public health is a significant program that touches on a whole range of areas. It reaches out to the entire community from supporting mothers and babies before they are born to assisting community members with their health care issues. Services include: immunization programs, TB screening, pre-natal programs, healthy baby programs, injury prevention and sexual health education.

Public health also supports other educational and preventative services in the community such as fitness programs, dental programs, nutritional programs and education, family and child development, elders programs, women's & men's health, cultural events and local conferences.

Our community health reps in all four (4) communities work closely with the nurses-in-charge and the public health nurse, and are busy providing many helpful services to community members. In addition, the public health nurse, Megan Oleson, networks with public health programs in Terrace and attends regional conferences to enhance and support public health in the Nass Valley.

For further information on public health in the Nass Valley, contact:

Megan Oleson, Public Health Nurse

Toll free 1-888-233-2212

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