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Mental Health & Wellness

Mental health and wellness encompasses both the mental and emotional aspects of being - how an individual thinks and feels. Some signs of good mental health include:

  • Knowing and taking pride in who you are;
  • Enjoying life;
  • Being able to form and maintain satisfying relationships;
  • Coping with stress in a positive way;
  • Striving to realize your potential; and
  • Having a sense of personal control.

There are many issues that affect  people that hinder good mental health. Some of these issues include residential school, drugs and alcohol, spousal abuse, lack of education, lack of support, lack of employment, and family violence, for instance.

The NVHA strives to increase the mental health of clients by providing programs and services in a variety of areas that meet the needs of the people it serves.

Programs and services include:

  • Alcohol & Drug Counselling
  • Youth Enrichment Program (proactive solution to increasing good mental health)
  • Family Therapist
  • Psychologist Services (counselling)

Each community is different, and each has its own dynamics, so the services provided in this departments in each community varies. Contact the health centre in your village to find out what the Mental Health & Wellness department is offering your community.

Our Family Therapists:

  • Joanne Davis, Family Therapist

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